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The Video Game Retail Behemoth Gamestop, shows signs of a Future NFT Marketplace

By Mark – Cryptocurrency Dealer - 01/01/2022

NFTs and buying Ethereum have become one and the same as more dApps and digital art forms take off on the Ether network. GameStop is just one cryptocurrency trading platform who has had an eventful business year and has been at the heart of this trend. The business had a run-in with Wall Street hedge funds at the start of the year and has since recovered thus far despite battling different bankruptcy threats, with shares currently selling at $146.46 per unit. The company had earlier announced that it was employing a security expert with experience in blockchain, NFTs and cryptocurrencies before revealing its interest in NFTs.


The GameStop NFT marketplace appears to be ready to launch, according to information on their official NFT website, and the sign-up form for creators includes several questions such as what title NFT creators wish to describe themselves by, whether they have ever minted an NFT before, and if they have ever used an Ethereum wallet. If you are storing ETH in your wallet and looking to cash out crypto, then Sell EthereumLedger Live holdings today by using our Sell Coins page.

Furthermore, it is expected that GameStop would collaborate with Loopring, an Ethereum token that describes itself as an "open-sourced, audited, and non-custodial trading platform." The claims started from an interview with Loopring's Chief Executive Officer Daniel Wang, who was asked questions about the GameStop NFT suspicions by a Canadian reporter. In answer to a query on the alleged collaboration between the two, The CEO of GameStop and Loopring said he couldn't answer the question, prompting many to believe that a cooperation was in the works.

GameStop has not released any other information on the formal debut of its marketplace, how it will work, or what project the company is currently working on as of today.

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