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The Vasil Upgrade: What Happens to Cardano's Blockchain?

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Cardano will enhance the Plutus smart contract language for dApps, lessen block transmission latency, and add "diffusion pipelining" to the blockchain with the Vasil hard fork. Vasil's primary goal is to scale the chain while providing developers with additional resources and access to information.

Cardano's Vasil update was explained in a video by Dan Gambardello on his YouTube channel Crypto Capital initiative. Gambardello noted in the video that the Vasil update included "diffusion pipelining" and three Cardano Improvement Proposals (CIP).

The three CIPs, which center around datums, are CIP 30, CIP 32, and CIP 33. A novel method of obtaining data in datums as a reference input is presented by CIP-31. In place of datum hashes, CIP-32 proposes an approach that permits datums themselves to be connected to outputs. With CIP-33, a script may now be referred to without being included in every transaction.

Diffusion pipelining, for the uninitiated, is an enhancement to the consensus layer that allows for quicker block propagation. Additionally, it allows for even bigger headroom increases, which will improve Cardano's performance and competitiveness.

Additionally, 80% of all liquidity providers and more than 75% of stake pools have upgraded to the most recent node, version 1.35.3. Nodes, smart contracts, and websites have all been upgraded by the top 10 DApp developers.

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