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The Value of the First NFT of Consciousness Has Increased to $3.6 Million

The first NFT of conscious awareness was issued on May 31, 2021, by Marik Hazan, a well-known investor and the founder of Tabula Rasa Ventures, a Venture Capital firm specialising in investing in the expanding psychedelics sector.

As the popularity of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) grows amongst those who buy cryptocurrency, new applications are being developed on a regular basis. When new technologies like Neuralink, VR, and others become available, Hazan believes that the last frontier of economic markets will allow anybody to immediately sense another's "state of being." "Qualia, or states of consciousness," says Hazan, "will be the most precious resource in the future." Despite the fact that we are in the throes of a digital revolution, People will want to meditate like the Dalai Lamas and invent like Elon Musk, all while feeling high on MDMA."

The value of NFTs has skyrocketed in the last year, with hundreds of digital artworks selling millions of dollars apiece. Despite the fact that the NFT market is growing, Hazan's NFT is quite an expensive crypto market investment.

Hazan goes on to say more about his belief:

"It is, without a doubt, costly. Even if no one buys it today, I believe that companies like Flamingo DAO and Christie's appreciate the importance of art in representing an individual's conscience and are interested in the NFT art environment. The first attempt at capturing the 'source code' of a work of art has been made using this NFT. Basquiat's first piece of art was a copy of Da Vinci's Mona Lisa. In my perspective, the birth of a qualia art movement is worth at least $100 million because of its ability to record and convey states of consciousness."

Hazan knows that an EEG may not provide a complete picture of a person's mental state. He does, however, believe that a person's mental condition is an important part of the whole picture.

The first cave painting, according to Hazan, was the inspiration for his work. He continued in this manner: "We'll start integrating and migrating towards a digital world as long as we're here. Markets for the development of states of consciousness should be expected. I wouldn't be surprised if qualia become as widely available for purchase and sale in the future as it is now. NFT has demonstrated that this will be a common practice in future decades."

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