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The US Are Establishing Themselves as a Major Crypto Mining Player

Cryptocurrency Enthusiast – Kenny

When people envision Bitcoin and crypto block reward mining, it is common to think of vast servers based in Chinese powered facilities. This is because firms based in China have long been the leaders and force behind digital currency mining for the industry, producing more than 65% of the hash power for the majority of Blockchain platforms.

After many years of China taking the lead in the Cryptocurrency trading industry, the U.S. and Canada are slowly entering the mining space as key contributors. The U.S. and Canada combined create a total of up to 20% of the hash power globally.

With the hashrate from North America increasing, the competitive centralized market share that China once held is beginning to reshape, with no signs of China being able to overturn this. As stated in a CoinDesk report, though the United states and Canada do have high energy prices, there is more than enough under-used “energy infrastructure to repurpose”.

Some U.S. firms having been raising their offerings to scale their operations, with a trend called ASIC financing. This refers to the process whereby substantial operations will take out loans to purchase new hardware in bulk so they can fill the network with new hashrate.

However, China- based firms have affordable cost methods like cheaper labour costs that do position them at an advantage over the US competition. Nonetheless, with America’s developments, this sector is slowly becoming more balanced.

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