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The Sandbox Sets Up "Pimp My Ride" VoxEdit Contest for Car Tuning

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The Sandbox has launched its "Pimp My Ride" VoxEdit competition in association with Beltoise, a French race vehicle manufacturer, and "Dreaming Cars," The Sandbox's legendary automotive NFT collection.

Users can use VoxEdit to customize and alter their vehicles in order to compete for rewards and gain notoriety as the creators of the "sickest automobiles of the metaverse."

The joint activity is a component of The Sandbox's effort to populate the metaverse with entertaining and worthwhile events, quests, games, collections, and contests.

What's the Point of the VoxEdit Contest, Pimp My Ride?

Construction the most attractive automobiles is the only way to demonstrate your voxel building and mechanic abilities in the "Pimp My Ride" competition. The native voxel editing tool for The Sandbox.

The event features a reward pool that will be divided among the victors and contains 15,000 The Sandbox (SAND) tokens and NFTs from the Dreaming Cars Collection.

For admission, hopeful participants must adhere to the following requirements.

The assets should be unique. There should be no more than 175 nodes and 5,000 faces in an asset. An entry's maximum dimensions are 512 voxels in height and 512 x 512 x 512 voxels on the floor.

Family-friendly entries should be encouraged. Submissions with unsuitable content, such as sexual, racial, homophobic, or other types, will be rejected. Finally, entries that are considered to be "spam" and low-quality entries will both be dismissed.

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