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The Previous SEC Director Of Coinbase Quits After Brief Hire

By Luke F - Crypto Investor - 10-08-2021

In less than half a year of working at a popular crypto exchange platform, a former SEC director leaves Coinbase. Coinbase vice president Brett Redfearn has quit after a brief time working for the exchange, four months to be exact.

The securities and exchange commission director has opted to move away from crypto asset management and looks to pivot his career. With only four months into employment, as of August 9, Brett Redfearn resigned from his position as vice president of Coinbase. 

Back in late March, Coinbase announced that Redfearn would be a new member of the team shortly before Coinbase went up on Nasdaq. Coinbase is one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges in the United States, second to the crypto trading platform, Binance. Coinbase has a remarkable community with over 56 million users who are using its services regularly. In addition, the firm has played a significant role in popularising crypto and boosting hype for investing in cryptocurrency.

As previously stated, it's reported that Redfearn wanted to stray from crypto assets; the crypto category also comes under legal securities in America, this includes conventional stocks and bonds. It's also been said that he may be avoiding other crypto giants which are classed as commodities such as Bitcoin (BTC) and plans on taking a different route.

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