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The Potential of Tokenizing Company Stock is Unlocked by Brickken

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  • Companies can use Brickken's asset tokenization technology and APIs
  • Opens a new end-to-end digitalization platform
  • To construct a Dapp and tokenization toolset, a $2 million private token sale was used to fund the project

Brickken is a company that is leveraging corporate tokenization to forge new ground in fundraising and business management. Brickken is an end-to-end tokenization platform that enables established businesses to grow at their own speed, opening up a toolbox for creating on-chain equity.

In the world of startups and finance, the tried-and-true venture capital model has shown to be kind with new ideas. Ideas with the potential to change lives and industries, however, can slip through the gaps if the funding well runs dry as the venture capital sector becomes more crowded. Similar to this, the expense of starting up a firm keeps regular investors from investing in cryptocurrency early.

Companies of all sizes may use Brickken's tokenization system to explore alternate funding and ownership options on a single platform. Brickken's architecture provides a route to handle digital assets while conforming to all existing safety and compliance laws for projects looking to enter the blockchain arena. The platform's architecture enables businesses to tokenize assets such as equities in order to digitize ownership at any time and with a wide range of investor audiences.

Its native BKN token and dApp, which is anticipated to emerge later in 2022, may be used by businesses to implement a Know Your Customer (KYC) strategy and confirm that businesses and individuals are issuing tokens have the proper identities. As a result, Brickken will be able to establish a community of early backers in a safe and open setting.

"We think that the blockchain is the future of business and company ownership," said Brickken CEO and Co-Founder Edwin Mata. "Brickken is a place where businesses of all sizes may change the way they approach fundraising and company management." Our objective as we get closer to our impending token listing is to demonstrate that there is a solution to the typical hurdles to running a business."

Brickken's anticipated coin listing comes after a $2 million investment round via a private token sale. As the project moves further, Brickken will tokenize itself as a case study to showcase the advantages of its services.

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