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The PKT Network is on a mission to decentralise internet access

By Aaron – Crypto Investor - 30/12/2021

While the internet is one of the most important innovations of the twentieth century, most of the internet access is managed by centralised entities. These can include internet service providers (ISPs), institutions and governments throughout the world. China, Iran, and North Korea, for example, have imposed restrictions on how their residents use the internet, including buying and selling Bitcoin. This is significant because individuals in some nations are restricted to search access, particular platforms, and information. Cryptocurrency trading on a decentralised exchange for example, addresses this concern for users.

PKT has launched their Mesh network to provide a way to link individuals to the internet on a peer-to-peer framework. However, scalability of these mesh networks has proven a problem. Many individuals are unaware that they may access the internet without having to subscribe to a regular ISP. In 2011, a protocol known as CJDN’s was released, allowing anybody to obtain an IP address without the charge that a typical ISP will require.

Peer-to-peer mesh networking is also possible using this open-source software, which is free to use. For example, if Alice does not have access to the internet but Bob has, Alice can connect to Bob and gain access to the internet. However, actual infrastructure, network operators, and market awareness are necessary for CJDN’s to expand. For many in the crypto space, this distributed connectivity takes dependency away from a third party and achieves the decentralised nature that many wish to layer the internet with and the process of buying and selling cryptocurrency.

PKT Network is leading the way in this new era of bandwidth monetisation. PKT offers a scalable solution that extends connection beyond centralised ISPs and takes advantage of valuable, undeveloped edge networks all around the world. PKT Network uses CJDN’s for end-to-end encryption and uses technical advancements to increase Internet routing and packet transmission efficiency throughout its network. PKT Network is designed to lower the cost of bandwidth for the general public and assist in connecting the next 1 billion people to the Internet.

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