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The Giving Block Releases More Than 2 Dozen Funds For Charity Donations

By Jamie - Bitcoin Broker - 04-11-2021


The Giving Block is considered a top crypto donation solution worldwide that allows people who love investing in cryptocurrency to donate to their favourite charities using crypto. The company was formed to help over 700 NGOs globally to start integrating crypto payment gateways. Some charities to mention that The Giving Block has already helped include Malala Fund, Save the Children, and World Vision. Recently, The Giving Block has released 15 new Cause Funds, which according to the company website, the funds help bring together all NGOs with a similar objective. Donors are able to contribute to various NGOs through the funds by using one of 45 selected crypto market investments. The new funds help crypto investors support the non-profits and be able to find other similar charities through the funds' goals and missions’ categorisation.

The Cause Fund tool works well for any donators who would want to help multiple charities that support a specific issue and cause. The tool is also a great way to get more money into smaller charities rather than very well-known ones. The Giving Block has stated that they had regularly received feedback from people that wanted to support charities with particular causes like the environment, but they wouldn't know what charity to support within that subject.

The co-founder of The Giving Block, Alex Wilson, further went on to say that donors can now fund a certain type of cause, rather than a specific charity, through only one transaction. Wilson explained that this tool had created a win-win solution for charities and donors. A few charity categories that will be put into the new Cause Funds will be health and medicine, military veterans and first responders, technology and science, children and youth, and more.

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