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The Gagarin Show is an entertainment program about cryptocurrency

Dave - Cryptocurrency Enthusiast

The first entertainment program regarding the world of cryptocurrency is called Gagarin Show. The YouTube program regularly educates its audience about the significant changes the future of the new sector implies to educate the general public about blockchain technology.

Since the first episode debuted in July of 2020, the YouTube channel has published a total of 77 episodes. 18 million people have seen the show, and it has almost 80,000 devoted fans. Volodymyr Nosov, the show's host, is also the CEO of WhiteBIT, the largest and most well-known Bitcoin exchange and fiat exchange platform in Europe, which has over 3 million members worldwide. The program provides both a clear and in-depth examination of events and developments in the fields of banking and cryptocurrency investment, all with a dash of humor.

Gagarin Show, Cryptocurrency for Dummies, Cryptocurrency NOT for Dummies, and UhoNos are the four playlists on the YouTube channel. The program is with accessible subtitles in English.

The channel's main program, Gagarin Show, is presented by Glib Ushakov and Volodymyr Nosov. The hosts cover and discuss the fundamentals of cryptocurrency and blockchain with their famous guests. Every episode includes a part on the most recent cryptocurrency trading, cryptocurrency investment and overall crypto news, during which the hosts and special guests debate the most recent events. There are presently 4 seasons of the program, with the most recent two celebrity cohosts. Volodymyr Nosov and Glib Ushakov respond to commonly asked questions concerning a range of subjects in the cryptocurrency realm under the category Cryptocurrency for Dummies. The hosts provide an easy-to-understand explanation of the subject because the audience for the program is only becoming familiar with blockchain, and everything related to it.

Similar to the latter category, cryptocurrency NOT for Dummies is moderated by professionals in the realm of blockchain technology. The hosts are unidentified and go deeply into the blockchain subject, providing knowledgeable advice to seasoned and knowledgeable lovers of blockchain. A show called UhoNos provides a funny perspective of current events in both local and international news. Volodymyr Nosov and Glib Ushakov are the hosts of UhoNos.

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