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The Founders of Binance and Cardano Reach Out to Ukraine; Bitcoin Donation Increases

  • Many crypto figures have come out in favor of Ukraine as a result of the Russian invasion
  • The CEO of Binance and the inventor of Cardano have pledged their support
  • In the aftermath of the financial crisis, Bitcoin donations are on the rise

Ed D - CryptoInvestor - 07-07-2022

The worth of cryptocurrencies and other commodities all around the world has been sunk as a result of the Russia-Ukraine situation. Many crypto celebrities are now willing to provide a hand by buying crypto to help individuals get out of the problem. Furthermore, the crypto community is assisting Ukrainian nationals.

Changpeng Zhao (CZ), the CEO of Binance, took the effort to contact his colleagues in Ukraine to assure their safety. He goes on to say that they received a lot of help from his colleagues in adjacent nations. Charles Hoskinson, the CEO of IOHK and the founder of Cardano, has also declared his support for Ukraine. He added in a 17-minute live stream that the battle is "really painful," where peace and love are scattered. Since gaining independence, the country has become more democratic, but the old condition has returned as "Russia revisits the past and annexes Ukraine."

He also mentioned that Ukraine has a sizable population, which employs a big number of IOHK employees and contractors. It's worth noting that the corporation employs people in more than 50 nations.

In the meanwhile, people are buying Bitcoin and donations to Ukraine have been on track. Over $400,000 in bitcoin crypto assets was donated to an NGO called Come Back Alive, according to blockchain analytic firm Elliptic. The military forces of Ukraine are supported by this organization. We will most likely soon see the option to buy altcoins and donate them to Ukraine's support.

Activists have so far used donated bitcoin investment to buy drones for military use, medical supplies, and face recognition software to detect Russian agents. Additionally, since many people are actively engaged in fundraising activities, bitcoin donations continue to flood in.

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