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The Drunken Monkey Members Club is a 20-minute NFT Mint that will be released in 2022


The Drunken Monkey Members Club is an NFT initiative aimed towards disrupting the concierge industry, which is expected to be valued $773 million by 2025. The whole collection was coined in under 20 minutes, thanks to a private round of 1,000 NFTs at 0.1 ETH, demonstrating the project's relevancy and value. Most concierge businesses may charge up to $25,000 USD per year for access to a VIP private lifestyle, which Drunken Monkey's concept allows purchasers to enjoy and to get an NFT you only need buy Ether.

The utility of the NFT provides owners with lifetime access to a unique service as long as they have their NFT. While this project is still in its early stages, hasn’t slowed down, with aftermarket sales reaching 3 ETH for a platinum membership, a 3,000 percent gain from the private debut just a week ago. Gold membership NFTs are currently available for purchase for 0.4 ETH, which is 4 times the launch price. With the Pre-Sale and Public Rounds on the horizon, there appears to be no limit to how far this fantastic idea may go. Now, this is only available on the Ethereum network, which means you won’t be able to trade Bitcoin for the NFTs.

Drunken Monkey's perks include access to some of the world's most opulent nightclubs, restaurants, pubs, and members clubs, as well as discounts of up to 50% off total food and beverage bills when eating with chosen partners. With a cutting-edge approach to this area, Drunken Monkey is set to debut its IOS and Android app in this quarter of the year. Users will find that their NFT will provide them access to the app, which will provide them with a high level of protection by reducing, if not eliminating, account hacking. Users will be able to link their crypto wallets, which include NFTs, to the app as a method of signing into the platform via this procedure.

There are three collections accessible to mint, each with various membership tiers:

  • This collection has 8,000 NFTs and is referred to as Gold VIP
  • Diamond Monkeys: There are 1,500 NFTs in this collection
  • Platinum: The most exclusive collection, with just 495 NFTs available

Each collection has its own set of fantastic advantages. Furthermore, the Diamond and Platinum NFTs add even more value by providing priority entry to premium events and crypto-to-crypto gatherings all around the world supporting cryptocurrency investment and NFTs.

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