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The creator of Cardano is furious that ADA was left off from Coinbase's latest report

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  • When it comes to Coinbase, Charles Hoskinson commented that he "anticipated better"

  • The key elements anticipated to succeed in 2023 are listed in Coinbase's cryptocurrency study

Cardano and Ethereum co-founder Charles Hoskinson expressed his dissatisfaction with the most recent Coinbase report on Twitter. The report makes no mention of Cardano (ADA). According to Hoskinson, he "anticipated better."

Research by Coinbase titled "2023 Crypto Market Outlook" details three key trends that are expected to rule the industry in 2023, including updates on BTC.

Investors will switch to better quality crypto assets like Bitcoin and Ether, predicts Coinbase, citing factors including strong tokenomics, resilient ecosystems, and plenty of liquidity. According to Coinbase, the deleveraging from 2022 has significantly reduced investors' appetite to cryptocurrency investment, and the company expects a full recovery to take several months.

Furthermore, the development of frameworks and standards for regulated cryptocurrencies is essential for the future of digital investments, indicating that the market cycle for digital assets will be heavily influenced by these regulatory measures.

Nevertheless, despite the concern about the potential consequences, this market differs significantly from the last crypto winter in a number of important ways. First off, institutional use of cryptocurrency is still firmly established. This climate has assisted cryptocurrencies in calming down their speculative frenzy and creates the door for fresh developments in the asset class, according to David Duong, author of Coinbase. Additionally, a lot of investors have a long-term perspective and are aware of the cyclical nature of the cryptocurrency markets. Instead of getting fearful, kids are making use of the surroundings to further their knowledge and build the foundation for the future.

Despite Cardano not being mentioned in the report the project has one of the largest communities out there. Even though the price does not reflect the advancements Cardano developers are making, ADA is on the path of being one of the most progressive blockchains. If you are looking for the cheapest coin site to buy Cardano (ADA), visit a reputable cryptocurrency broker – BC Bitcoin.

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