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The Amazon Rainforest is being conserved thanks to partnership between Concept art House and Nemus

CAH, a major content maker and publisher for some of the world’s most renowned NFT’s, brands, and video games imagery, has announced a partnership with Nemus, a collectible NFT experience dedicated for preserving and protecting Amazon Rainforest.

For the Nemus Genesis Drop, CAH will develop fresh artworks for all non-legendary features. This aesthetic, hand-painted artwork will depict distinct flora and wildlife, portraying the actual biodiversity of the area, stimulating continuing action, involvement, and gamification in the rainforest’s conservation and preservation.

"Because of its immediate and demonstrable influence on our environment, this is a very meaningful and important initiative to be a part of," James Zhang, CAH's CEO, stated.

"By holding a Nemus NFT, we will become immersed in the Nemus organization and a proactive Guardian of the land, and our dedication will go far beyond the early design objective."

"Concept Art House is much more than an artistic partner because they are deeply plugged into the Web3 ecosystem through other high-level ventures and understand the power of gamification of NFTs and how they can start creating a thriving community for a larger cause," said Flavio de Meira Penna, Nemus' Founder and CEO.

"We are excited to see what they have to offer and are optimistic that our partnership will be long-lasting and fruitful." To appoint in the Nemus DAO, which will be live in Q4 2022, you must purchase or hold a Nemus NFT (also known as becoming a Guardian). The NFT is being used to acquire the native NEA token, which is intended to unlock continuous gaming incentives and stimulate sustainable activity on the land. The NFT is not claim to ownership and control of the protected and at-risk land. If you know how to buy Bitcoin through an exchange, cryptocurrency trading platform or trusted Bitcoin broker, you will already have experience with handling crypto market investments including NFTs.

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