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The 1Inch Network Integrated With Ethereum Layer 2 Platform Polygon

By Tyler - Crypto Retailer - 14/05/2021

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Fans that buy 1Inch Network 1INCH are excited to hear the company’s latest development. The 1Inch Network has been integrated into the Polygon system recently. The latest integration will help 1Inch fans use liquidity tools available on Ethereum’s (ETH) layer 2 platform, Polygon (MATIC), this includes SushiSwap and Aave. Other Polygon-based liquidity services include Curve, Cometh, Aave V2, and QuickSwap. Polygon is designed to help the Ethereum network run faster and more affordable transactions. The layer 2 platform provides these benefits by hosting similar sidechains alongside Ethereum. The 1Inch Network isn't the only DeFi project integrated within Polygon as Aave Merged with the layer 2 platform to help users bypass Ethereum’s shocking gas fees. Polygon’s role is to boost Ethereum in order to keep up with the crypto competition.

The 1Inch Network is a decentralised exchange (DEX) aggregator that looks for the best deals to provide more profitability for it's users. Users of the platform can get involved with the decision making by buying 1INCH, the network’s native cryptocurrency. 1INCH is a popular crypto market investment that is used for governance. Investors can purchase, trade, and sell 1INCH on multiple popular exchanges, some of which include BC Bitcoin, Binance, and Coinbase. Reportedly, the 1Inch Network had stated that Polygon began integrating 1Inch due to a significant growth of traffic and user demand. The co-founder of 1Inch, Sergej Kunz had explained that there has been a lot of demand and plenty of requests to Polygon to bring in Swapping through the 1Inch system. According to Kunz, Polygon and the 1Inch Governance Protocol will likely keep growing and developing over the next few weeks.

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