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Tesla Gets Tokenised On DeFiChain

By Jamie G - Cryptocurrency Specialist - 09-09-2021

The first-ever electronic exchange Nasdaq is reportedly handling price feeds to a business that is establishing digitalised assets. The global stock exchange will be providing intel to services within the DeFiChain (DFI) network. DeFiChain is a blockchain platform for decentralised financing (DeFi); the platform is designed to work with the Bitcoin (BTC) blockchain. DeFiChain aims to provide quick and smooth services while keeping gas fees on transactions low.

According to DeFiChain (DFI), the platform will soon launch digitalised company stock assets. Some stock tokens will include significant businesses such as Amazon, Apple, GameStop, and Tesla. Creating stock tokens is a great way to combine the stock market with the world of investing in cryptocurrency. Reportedly, the stocks are to be pledged by cryptocurrencies for security purposes. By collateralising the tokens with crypto assets, users will no longer need to go through a stockbroker. 

Reportedly, the tokens of company stocks can also be bought in smaller fractions; this is said to be used as a decentralised loan. DeFiChain will be able to power the stock mechanisms through the loan plan. In a statement as per DeFiChain, DFI will be used alongside Bitcoin investments as part of the system to power the mechanics used for stock trading.

DeFiChain has a native token of its own where users can buy DFI crypto to be used for governance for the platform. According to the DeFiChain website, its cryptocurrency is also used for executing coding. Investors can sell, trade, and buy DeFiChain DFI on popular crypto exchanges.

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