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SupraOracles Announces Mainnet Roadmap 550+ Signed Web3 Project Integrations While Starting

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With under 3-5 second finality, SupraOracles is happy to announce the availability of their ground-breaking cross-chain oracle architecture. This architecture enables incredibly accurate, dependable data porting over several blockchains and DLTs. They have now formally announced the start of their Alpha testnet with more than 550 signed integration partners as they progress toward the mainnet in early 2023.

In order to jumpstart momentum, Supra has partnered with Dorahacks, the company behind BNB Grants and BNB Global Hackathons, and is now sponsoring and making its Oracle solution available to around 4,000–5,000 developers worldwide. If developers are interested in adding this new, institutional-grade oracle to their Web3 toolkit, they should apply to the Supra Network Activate Program at https://join.supraoracles.com/network-activation-program.

Oracles are important to Web3 initiatives. Oracles are required by developers to safely link their decentralized apps (dApps) with up-to-date, correct data coming from other blockchains or outside sources. This makes a variety of use cases possible that would not be possible with current incumbent oracles, such as exotic derivatives backed by real-world assets, options markets, multi-lateral clearing and settlement across public blockchains, and DLT networks.

A number of revolutionary ideas have been given top priority in the creation of Supra's PhD-driven research team, which is headed by the eminent Dr. Aniket Kate and sets a new benchmark for how oracles should function. The security of the core data, decentralization of nodes and consensus, auditability of data provenance, and consumer budgeting that is affordable and predictable are the most important.

Web3 incubators including Silicon Valley's Plug and Play, Berkeley Blockchain Xcelerator, and Mastercard's Start Path program, which just included Supra within their list of the top 10 developing Web3 initiatives, have recognized Supra for these advancements. As the launch of their incentive testnet in Q4 draws nearer, Supra has a strategy that includes tasks for developers to begin their testing:

  • 2022 Launch of Data Dashboards and documentation for the testnet chains of Ethereum, BNB Chain, Polygon, Avalanche, and Aptos in early October
  • 2022 Supra's VRF service documents as of late October
  • Launch of Node Operators Onboarding in November 2022
  • December 2022: Incentivized testnet launches and whitepapers are published
  • 2023 Launch of the Mainnet in early Q2

Node operators are welcome to join the Discord group to learn more about Supra's block payouts and incentive programs.

Oracles are extremely important and necessary for blockchain interoperability, therefore the launch of SupraOracles is an exciting and important step for the whole blockchain world. However, the Web3 concept on its own has a lot more in store and it’s ever changing. That’s why, if you are looking to trade crypto or start investing in cryptocurrency, it’s important to keep up to date with it.

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