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Super Staking V2 is now available on the DAFI Protocol

By Mark - Crypto Broker - 04-11-2021


In recent news, the DAFI Protocol is climbing up the ladder of popularity as it makes considerable progress in the industry of investing in cryptocurrency. DAFI Protocols has been creating new product models that are changing how investors receive incentives when they trade crypto. The protocol's goal is to reinvent every network to revolutionise cryptocurrency. Lately, DAFI has launched the most recent version of its Super Staking feature. The release has been a long time coming as the blockchain firm had spent several months preparing for the launch by putting in significant amounts of hard work and were building relationships.

The new staking feature on the DAFI platform reportedly has more consistent APY rates. The company has also stated that not only is there more consistency in the pools, but the pay-outs for tokens are much better. The new revolutionary system behind the pools is proving to work seamlessly with the demand for higher staking incentives. Users can buy altcoins and use their tokens for staking on the platform; users will also be able to profit on the gains for when the prices go up for their crypto market investments. Other factors, however, make Super Staking V2 superior to any staking tool that is currently available on the market.

According to the DAFI protocol, in order for decentralised networks to integrate the staking program, they must first purchase $DAFI to cover the implementation fees. Once the program is fully downloaded within the networks, the invested $DAFI tokens used to buy the staking tool will be re-invested into the V" SuperPools.

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