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Stolen Bitcoin Investments Are In Preparation To Be Returned By The Poly Network Hacker

By Luke F - Cryptocurrency Dealer - 11-08-2021

Bitcoin Network

In recent crypto news, the infamous Poly Network hacker is surprisingly returning all of the stolen Bitcoin (BTC) funds and has requested a safe multisig wallet.

The Poly Network hacker has stated his want to refund to everyone the stolen crypto market investments after taking $600-million from the cross-chain protocol Poly Network. The thief, now known only as "the Poly Network hacker," submitted a transaction using Ethereum (ETH) to themselves. However, within the transaction's reference embedded a simple message stating "ready to return the fund", this transaction took place on Wednesday, around 4:00 a.m. UTC.

Within a separate message dedicated to the Poly Network, the hacker stated that they didn't have the necessary tools to restore the funds. They requested a multisig wallet to return the Bitcoin funds after failing to connect to the Poly Network. In a Twitter update on the official Poly Network account, they stated that they are providing three unique wallet addresses so the hacker can return the stolen funds.

Due to the sincerity of the hacker wanting to return the mass fortune of money to the network, it's believed that the individual is actually an ethical hacker. A cross-chain developer initiative, O3 Labs, has speculated that this ethical hacker could be what's known as a white-hat hacker, someone who hacks systems for the sole purpose of ensuring security. Aside from sending back investments in Bitcoin, reportedly, the hacker also returned $2.65 million in Shiba Inu (SHIB) and Fei (Fei) tokens. 

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