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Steve Aoki Reveals 'the A0K1VERSE,' a Metaverse and NFT Platform for Fans

Over the last year, Steve Aoki has been a vocal advocate of NFTs and crypto market investments, resulting in huge revenue. In March 2021, his debut NFT collection, 'Dream Catcher,' grossed more over $4 million. 'The A0K1VERSE,' a metaverse and NFT platform created by the DJ Superstar and producer is now live.

The A0K1VERSE is a "new ecosystem linking real-world experiences with cryptocurrency exchange features through smart contacts. The protocol offers both Web 2.0 and Web 3.0 by rewarding NFT collectors and developing new experiences for members," with the goal of becoming a "tokenized social club."

Members get unique access to both tangible and digital incentives on the site. Free Steve Aoki concert tickets, early access to Aoki NFT releases, special events, metaverse experiences, free gear, digital wearable’s, and more are just a few of the perks available.

The A0K1 credits and a 'passport' via which one may become a citizen of Aoki's metaverse, according to Aoki, will be the "fundamental building components" of the A0K1VERSE. The passports are gained by redeeming varying quantities of A0K1 credits, and both operate as the "core functionality" of the A0K1VERSE. AoK1 credits are NFTs with a total supply of 30,000.

Steve Aoki, on the other hand, has previously performed in the metaverse, most recently at Decentraland's Australian Open 2022.

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