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Starbucks to Track Coffee on Microsoft Azure Blockchain Platform

By Luke Flowers – Cryptocurrency Speculator

Starbucks is riding the blockchain wave, allowing consumers access to tons of information, including the tracking of coffee beans all the way from the farm that grows them, to when they reach their cup.

According to an announcement made by Microsoft, this is a vision that the caffeine giant is working on by utilising the Azure Blockchain Service, enabling anyone to trace coffee shipped from around the world.

Much like with buying Bitcoin, Microsoft’s blockchain service will record any changes on the coffee beans on a shared immutable ledger. This gives customers a completely trusted view of what they’re paying for and when the change was made.This transparency enables Starbucks to give customers a whole new feature for its mobile app. The app can be used by customers not only to see where the beans and coffee are sourced and roasted, but also know of additional information such as its tasting notes.

Part of the brand’s ethical sourcing involves informing coffee bean growers of where and how their coffee beans end up in the consumers’ cups. This can all be shown through the app using blockchain technology. According to the announcement, Starbucks was reported to have sourced beans from at least 380,000 coffee farms in 2018.

Starbucks have released no plans but could develop their own cryptocurrency on this blockchain. Users could buy and sell cryptocurrency native to this network and purchase coffee through Starbucks or their app. The app would be able to assign a value for each intermediary and value returned to the original coffee bean grower. The coffee bean grower could potentially be paid in a cryptocurrency and even get involved in trading and buying and selling Bitcoin.

Michelle Burns, who is the SVP of Global Coffee & Tea at Starbucks said, “I firmly believe that by empowering farmers with knowledge and data through technology, we can support them in ultimately improving their livelihoods.”

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