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Stacks Declare Key Collaboration During Mainnet Launch

Crypto Specialist – Harry

A network for making smart-contracts and DEFI bridges, Stacks has secured multiple large partnerships in the early days of their Mainnet launch. This, for many, is sending a message that players are wanting to back new cases for Bitcoin. When Stacks 2.0 Mainnet launched, it brought a promise of new use cases for BTC.

Stacks 2.0 is trying to expand Bitcoin’s utility far above digital gold to bring in decentralized digital finance and smart contracts. This means having to put to work the full market capitalisation of approximately $700 billion. Stacks 2.0 Mainnet is based on a consensus mechanism, known as a proof-of-work (POW) transfer. It utilises POW to enhance the security of the Bitcoin blockchain. This enables greater protection when buying Bitcoin and when users trade Crypto.

Digital Currency Group, Foundry Digital, had made an announcement that they will give mining services for STX, the native token within the Stacks ecosystem. Foundry says that this is a clear mining opportunity to start mining STX.

A Blockchain infrastructure platform known as Blockdaemon, had also made an announcement to integrate with Stacks 2.0 Mainnet, allowing institutional investors to become operators while looking for ways to scale the Blockchain networks. Blockdaemon states that they are looking to build a web 3.0 and is excited to see how the network will deliver a decentralized and user-owned internet.

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