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Stablecoin Market Growing

By Luke Flowers – Crypto Broker

There is no denying that stablecoins are on the rise with many wondering what's in store for such cryptographic money. Facebook has been in the news recently regarding the Libra project, but the growing number of brands that are making or testing a digital currency is also on the up as the adoption of a stablecoin could have many benefits to a business. We could see more users buying crypto native to new chains developed by well-known brands.

While Facebook is not the main brand in the blockchain, it has received some security concerns. Similarly, Walmart appears to want to follow Facebook's Libra breakthrough, but are moving cautiously due to the backlash received by the US government. This again would be a stable coin which holds its value per coin, users would be more inclined to buy crypto on a stablecoin chain for payment as the number of coins for products or services would not fluctuate.

Identified statistics favor the choice of digital currency and blockchain innovation in many businesses, but this is yet to be incorporated within normal business operations. Some factors include the cost but also the integrity of the software must be tested and proven safe before use. It would harm the business if users were to buy crypto for a use on a chain if later a flaw is found.

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