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Splinterlands, A Blockchain Game, Launches With A Bang

By Mark L – Cryptocurrency Specialist - 15-08-2021

Crypto blockchain technology has been dominating the media lately, especially within the gaming community. Integrating blockchain technology within a game has become a popular strategy to improve user play by providing greater in-game features and services. Most recently, a prominent blockchain-based games that has gained attention is Axie Infinity skyrocket.

Splinterlands is no exception, as the company has also been gaining significant interest within the NFT gaming, and cryptocurrency trading community. The company's most recent traffic is due to the launch of Splinterlands token on Binance Smart Chain in late July 2021. The launch had sparked a significant increase in user registrations on the site.

In comparison, on July 1, the site had 500 signups on average per day; by August, 5,000 people registered daily. Another significant milestone for Splinterlands is within August, they sold over 50,000 "spellbooks" in a single day. In August so far, they have sold far more spellbooks than they did in the entire month of July. 

A spellbook purchase on the platform, also known as a "summoners spellbook," is how players invest in cryptocurrency. Before purchasing the upgrade, the platform allows you to buy with Bitcoin (BTC) and other cryptocurrencies. Upon purchase, players can access daily requests and earn rewards and crypto for life in the game.

As a gaming network with blockchain technology, the technology within the platform allows Splinterland players to trade, sell and even lease their card assets. The mechanics behind blockchain also enables the platform to make it more accessible for players to earn crypto.

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