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South Korea's Gen Z Prefers XRP and Altcoins Over BTC and ETH, Reflects Aggressive Investment Approach

David – Cryptocurrency Enthusiast

A recent analysis conducted by South Korean news outlet News1 Korea has unveiled a notable trend among Gen Z cryptocurrency investors in the country. The study reveals that this demographic is demonstrating a distinct preference for altcoins, particularly Ripple's XRP, over Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH).

Investigating investment data from Bithumb, a South Korean cryptocurrency exchange, during the first half of the year, News1 Korea spotlighted the investment inclinations of various age groups. The report highlights that individuals in their twenties exhibit a more "aggressive" investment attitude compared to their counterparts in other age segments.

What emerges as a prominent trend is that Gen Z investors are allocating a larger portion of their investments to altcoins in contrast to BTC and ETH. These latter two cryptocurrencies are categorized as "long-term" and "stable" investments due to their comparatively lower volatility.

The data underscores that a substantial 82.5% of investors in their twenties have chosen to invest in altcoins, excluding ETH. Among these altcoins, XRP stands out as the most preferred choice among Gen Z investors, with an impressive 20.7% holding the digital asset.

Coincidentally, an earlier report from the crypto derivatives exchange Bitget in early August indicated that Gen Z constitutes nearly half of the crypto copy trading community.

In contrast, the study reveals that investors in their thirties exhibit the highest proportion of investments in BTC and ETH. This demographic appears to gravitate towards these cryptocurrencies, which are often considered foundational within the crypto space.

These findings emerge amidst ongoing scrutiny and a legal battle faced by Ripple, the company behind XRP, from regulators in the United States. Legal challenges in the U.S. have reportedly hindered XRP's adoption for approximately three years.

South Korea has recently intensified its efforts to regulate crypto activities within the country. In a noteworthy development, authorities in the city of Cheongju announced intentions to seize cryptocurrencies from individuals who have evaded local taxes.

Furthermore, the CEO of the crypto exchange Bitsonic was apprehended by South Korean authorities on August 9 for alleged embezzlement of $7.5 million in user funds. The CEO is slated for trial without preliminary detention.

In response to the growing concerns surrounding crypto-related crimes, South Korea established an interagency investigation unit on July 26, aimed at combating illicit activities in the crypto market while ensuring investor protection. This underscores the nation's proactive stance toward addressing challenges within the crypto sector.

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