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Solv, Crypto Voucher Generator, Brings In $4 Million From Series A Funding Round

By Ollie - Cryptocurrency Dealer - 01-12-2021

Solv is the go-to protocol for generating, minting, and selling crypto Vouchers. The non-fungible token Vouchers that Solv mints are a new type of crypto market investment. More specifically, they create and sell financial NFTs. Recently, the Solv Protocol has announced that it’s latest series A financing round has finally come to a close and has raised more than $4 million. Reportedly, the round was led by a few well-known venture firms such as Blockchain Capital, Gumi Cryptos Capital, and Sfermion. The money raised will be helping the protocol to further build and develop their decentralised finance (DeFi) Voucher products. Other notable participants from the funding round include TheLao, CMSholdings, Shima Capital, DeFi Alliance, CMT Digital, Spartan Group, Axia8 Ventures, and SNZ Holdings to name a few.

When investment firms Spartan Groups, Hashed, and IOSG Ventures joined the funding round, Solv had quickly raised $1 million. As more top investors pitched in, the protocol was able to close the Series A round with a high $4 million. One of the reasons why the fundraising event was so successful was because Solv had taken the time to build a strong and reliable network of investors and financing firms ever since its debut. Now with the new funds, Solv can focus on revolutionising the NFT world so investors will soon be able to buy crypto-vouchers.

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