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Solana NFT Game, Solajump, To Jump-Start Short Gaming

By Luke - Cryptocurrency expert - 02-12-2021

NFT Dice

A Solana-based Non-Fungible Token (NFT) game is said to be bringing-back the short gaming play style. Solajump is a Solana-build game with a play-to-win ruling. The world’s first play-to-win NFT game was created by Kokeshi Academy Nerd 148 Studios. The game utilises NFTs to help revolutionise the old short-styled gameplay.

Why would having an NFT feature alter the gameplay for short games? NFTs are tokenised art pieces which games typically use to allow players to own land within the game. Alternatively, investors can buy crypto-art one-of-kind character skins on NFT platforms in order to access and play certain blockchain-backed games. Crypto gaming has gradually been gaining popularity and the games’ cryptocurrencies even more so. Many investors buy cryptocurrency game tokens as they're currently some of the hot gainers in the crypto market. as of current, investors are buying GALA from Gala Gaming, and other cryptos like Axie Infinity (AXS).

Short games could easily become a trend again as they are easy to play with simple rules and gameplay, and highly addicting. Solajump is a Doodle jump type game with a beautiful 2D art style. The rules are to jump upwards onto platforms to reach new levels, with the aim to win the game rather than just get the highest score. Alike some other NFT-based games, players will need to buy a Solajumper NFT. By purchasing an NFT from the game’s collection, it will give players access to tournaments with major rewards.

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