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SocialGood initiative Brings Airdrops and Rewards to Highstreet Retail

By Aaron – Crypto Professional - 01/01/2022

In a recent post, it was said that SocialGood (SG) is collaborating with merchants to implement a "crypto-back" of up to 100% when customers use the SocialGood app to buy at over 1,800 prominent partner retailers, including eBay, Nike, AliExpress, Booking.com, Shopee, Lazada and others. The SG Team and token aim to become a global mobile app which offers freedom and control to retail shoppers on the high street by providing cryptocurrency trading and storage options alongside traditional payment systems. 

Users receive crypto-back every transaction in as little as a month by conducting their regular shopping. The cryptocurrency customers receive is known as SocialGood (SG) token and may be worth up to 100% cashback of the purchase price - the crypto will appear in the app within a few days after the merchant confirms the transaction.

How does SocialGood reward its users?

The SG token is a cryptocurrency that aims to improve society and consuming. It operates in such a manner that as the number of users grows, so does the asset value. It also holds a number of patents, including ones for its business model and a method for acquiring crypto assets through credit cards and smartphone payments. Instead of buying crypto for example, users receive assets based on their in-store or online purchase(s).

As a result, SG is regarded as a valuable coin. Because assets are offered at no cost, all users will undoubtedly benefit, As a result, users are more likely to increase, along with the popularity in buying and selling Bitcoin, generating a sequence in which the asset value of SG is predicted to rise. The running firm of SG is supported by revenues from currency issuing and advertising income from partner retail outlets; in the future, the company wants to contribute a fraction of the total amount that consumers spent when shopping to social contribution groups.

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