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Social Media Backed by Blockchain Brings More Freedom and Choice for Users

By Max Steadman – Cryptocurrency Enthusiast

As individuals and governing bodies proceed to re-examine areas of technological innovation, financial structures and even freedom of speech during the current Covid-19 response, blockchain has risen as a possible arrangement for solving numerous issues. Iva Wisher, co-founder of Ignite, a decentralized ‘microblogging’ forum said that as well as Bitcoin investing, blockchain might be part of the answer to addressing state-sponsored censorship in today’s pandemic-focused and politicized digital world.

First, Wisher defined freedom of speech, suggesting that the ‘possibility to express any opinion, even an unpopular one, unless this opinion is not a call to violence’ should be our standard. He continues to say that blockchain technology could add the level of security that users deserve, allowing them to ‘express your opinion without the risk of punishment." Colleague and co-founder of Ignite, Vladislavs Semjonovs reinforced Wisher’s sentiments, adding:

"First of all, we will need to implement a blockchain consensus to release a full-scale solution of content relevance mechanism. Prometeus [decentralized protocol] team came from the cutting edge of big data and AI technologies, so after the consensus mechanism is implemented, we can apply cutting edge technologies from the AI field to provide relevant content for our users."

Wisher believes that a blockchain-backed social network or microblogging platform are expected to apply an AI-powered content responsive quality system to “protect users from any kind of illegal content,” asserting that authorities and moderators should not be contributing to a decentralized forum just like the ones to combat the censorship.

Ignite’s co-founders both express their expectations for the foreseeable future, referring to the recent TikTok banning in the United States and the Indian Government’s echoing measures against Chinese digital apps, noting:

“As for us, we accept that blockchain media advances ought to bring individuals the flexibility of choice with the social media substance - precisely the same way the blockchain fintech innovations brought such flexibility with their budgetary activities.”

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