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Small Pizza Company Obtained Bitcoin Worth $200K, Joins MicroStrategy's Path

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MicroStrategy has been actively buying Bitcoin (BTC) throughout recent months. During this activity, another investor pursued further returns. In another thrilling crypto-pizza creation, one pizzeria business owner tells the true story of how he and his wife bought $200K worth of Bitcoin in 2021 and now sits on 350% return on investment (ROI).

Many large companies and organisations have entered the Bitcoin market in the last year and made major investments worth billions of dollars. Some of the major players include Ruffer Finance, Tesla, MicroStrategy and MassMutual. Many of them have regularly made the news.

So, what about the 'Little guys?' Since Bitcoin and the crypto industry in general can be extremely unpredictable and as a speculative commodity with a 12-year background, Bitcoin does not tend to be the preferred investment choice for smaller companies to position on their balance sheets.

But that’s not the case with a small husband-and-wife pizza-owned company that has two stores in Alabama, the US, called Sam & Greg's Pizzeria/Gelateria.

co-owner Greg Hathorn, publicly reported on the Michael Saylor support of Square's $170M acquisition of Bitcoin. He said his pizza company transferred $200K for the purchase of Bitcoin.

Why Bitcoin?

That's the most fundamental issue for any beginner, and analysts still want to ask why the owner has agreed to assign funds to the asset. Although admitting that he was a little late to the group, he maintains that these developments represent, to some degree, the smartest use of the Internet currently.

Greg also said that the impetus for this investment decision had arrived in April 2020. It was a crucial time for the crypto industry and the business community as a whole. The COVID-19 epidemic has just been recognized as a global pandemic, and the impact of this news rocked all capital markets, resulting in major market downturns.

However, Bitcoin didn't end with a quick recovery. It rose to new heights in the next 11 months. It's no joke now that Hathorn's Bitcoin investment has risen by more than 350% since April 2021. He thinks that the GBTC confidence is one of the most convenient resources for someone who wants to get some Bitcoin exposure today but thinks that the potential acceptance of a Bitcoin ETF could prove to be a game-changer.

Should Small Companies Buy Bitcoin

It is also unusual for small and big companies to participate in Bitcoin and the crypto industry. However, Greg is adamant that any company owner or executive should: "Educate themselves on Bitcoin” before making a conscious decision on whether or not to buy BTC as well.”

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