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Sirin Labs Opens World First Smartphone Store In London To Showcase Blockchain Phone

By Tyler Smith – Cryptocurrency Expert

It has been reported that Sirin Labs has opened the world’s first blockchain smartphone store in London. It will showcase the uncompromising security facilities in the Finney smartphone that is likely to help crypto selling. The store is based in Mayfair and launched back in July 2018, it reopened on 16th January 2019 with a focus on showing the company’s flagship Finney device that is on sale for $999. 

The retail store wants to use the location as a communal centre and meetup place for the buying and selling crypto and blockchain community to help educate people on investing in cryptocurrency. The store has plans to open a second store in Tokyo to help market their device. 

The Finney is manufactured by Foxconn and is powered by the Sirin’s OS software. The model has features such as the dual screen set up that devotes a second display to cryptocurrency transactions, perfect for those who regularly buy and sell Bitcoin. Its two-inch safe screen opens from the back of the device and runs on a firmware to allow users to be confident their transactions are taking place safely.

With this launch comes the Finney’s cold storage wallet that supports the leading cryptocurrencies on the market to help people buy and sell Bitcoin instantly with the device. The chairman of Sirin Labs has said “London is diverse, creative and a thriving technology hub. In 2018, London’s tech sector attracted significantly more investment than other European centres, raising more than £1.8 billion. It is the ideal first location for the Finney, the first mass-market blockchain phone in the world, to go on sale. Finney will let you store and use cryptocurrencies totally securely, and I hope it will act as a platform to help tech companies in London and elsewhere to reach new audiences.” 

Sirin Labs states that Finney was the first blockchain smartphone, it isn’t the only blockchain enabled device on the market. HTC launched the Exodus in October 2018 and we think there will be more for 2019 encouraging people to use crypto for cash.

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