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Seth Green Meets the Owner of His Stolen Ape #8398 for the First Time

Gus – Cryptocurrency Expert

  • Seth Green tracked down the owner of his stolen #8398 Ape a week after the event
  • On Twitter, the holder, previously thought to be @DarkWing84, was really @drwerty
  • With the support of the BAYC community, the two were eventually able to meet on May 25th

Seth Green has finally made contact with the recipient of his Bored Ape #8398. The individual that was mistakenly identified as @DarkWing84 on Twitter was really @drwerty. This occurred just a week after a phishing assault cost Green four crucial NFTs, including his #8398.

Green was attempting to connect with @DarkWing84 on Twitter while the true holder @drwerty was attempting to connect via Discord. Fortunately, this is not the case. The BAYC community on Twitter did their homework and steered Green in the correct direction. Green and @drwerty have now been able to connect.

The whole ordeal began in the third week of May, when Green lost four important NFTs to a phishing assault. This not only cost him a lot of money, but it also forced him to postpone his future TV show. This was because the star of the next performance was meant to be Bored Ape #8938.

Green was prepared to take his stolen NFTs to court. He was keen, though, on first settling matters with the Ape's bearer. Green first tried unsuccessfully to contact @DarkWing84, a Twitter account that hasn't been active since March 2021. Green kept attempting to reach @DarkWing84 after word of his NFTs loss leaked. After a while, @drwerty - @DarkWing84's new account – got wind of the situation and attempted to contact Green to settle the problem. Green's Direct Message settings, on the other hand, prevented him from receiving public communications. As a result, @drwerty had to wait for Green to message him first. When the BAYC community captured Green's interest and led him in the proper path, it all came together.

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