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SeedOn has a smart contract escrow model that helps to reduce fraud-related losses in cryptocurrency trading

  • In its crowdfunding approach, SeedOn employs the Smart Contract Escrow Model
  • The model is connected to the BSC network
  • SeedOn's native token is SEON

SeedOn uses its Smart Contract Escrow Model to fund projects, which is a blockchain-based solution that revolutionizes the crowdfunding process. Project owners have restricted cash flow access under this system until their objectives are reached and finished. In this manner, losses are minimized in the event of unanticipated occurrences that may result in failure to start. Meanwhile, the remaining funds are returned to the investors. Furthermore, SeedOn's Smart Contract Escrow Model uses the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) network for its blockchain service. As a result, stakeholders gain transparency by being able to trace the fund's movements throughout the transaction.

In general, crowdfunding platforms are vulnerable to regulatory violations and frauds. SeedOn, on the other hand, wants to improve things by adding an extra layer of protection to their crowdfunding process. Before accepting a project's listing, it thoroughly investigates the project and its owners. This is done to keep fraudulent parties out of the game and to ensure

To participate in SeedOn's crowdfunding campaign, investors must first buy crypto SEON, the platform's native token, on public exchanges and then deposit it into the platform's wallet. Aside from that, consumers can pay with fiat currency. SeedOn's backend will convert the funds into SEON in the investor's wallet in this situation.

During SEON's Initial Public Offering in December 2021, SeedOn performed a private and public auction (ICO). It raised $1.4 million in total, with the second presale selling out in less than five hours.

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