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Sandbox Game by Ethereum is Selling Land

By Luke Flowers – Cryptocurrency Broker

In an era where technology has taken a great space in our lives, many are enthralled with the gaming industry. Blockchain based games are presently hoping to fill the needs of many gamers around the world. One blockchain-based game, named The Sandbox (TSB), is new to the space for addictive gamers reportedly fulfilling the needs of a new generation of users. Ethereum is equally experiencing success as the game has received a great amount of capital along with good PR for ETH which might convince more people to Buy and Sell Ethereum, though it’s already a hugely popular coin among people who buy and sell cryptocurrency.

Selling Virtual Space

This game has a total of 166,464 pieces of LAND and only 5% of the total land has been sold during the pre-sale.  Decrypt revealed the main buyers, which included CryptoKitties, Old Skull Games, My Crypto Heroes, and Dapp.com. The selling process firstly started in December 2019 and was able to sell over 3000 pieces of land within the game space. It was done in only 4 hours, however the second presale took place on 16th February. The sale totaled 6,192 pieces of land generating 800ETH (around 206,000 USD).

Increasing Trend of Adopting Crypto through Games

Many games are having broader effects, which is an excellent sign for the players and creators. Games like TSG & TSB have both shown great impacts on the adaption of crypto and cryptocurrency trading, hopefully directing larger volumes of people to a cryptocurrency broker such as ourselves. The actual launch date is not yet announced but it is highly expected to have its third presale in the later months of this year.

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