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Rowe Price Waiting for Crypto to Make an Impact

By Luke F - Crypto Investor - 30-04-20

Blockchain could still be in its infancy, in line with the CEO of 1 conventional corporation. Despite the very fact that the crypto space has been around for a decade, William Stromberg, CEO of T. Rowe Price, firmly believes that the world of buying and selling cryptocurrency is still finding its feet.

Thankfully, there are many opportunities and a large variety of ways for anyone to start investing in cryptocurrency. There are an increasing number of avenues for exposure along with crypto asset management via traditional financial products available. Still, the opportunities don't seem to be as broad as engaging directly with unique cryptocurrencies.

The Chicago Mercantile Exchange, or CME, provides trading Bitcoin (BTC) futures and options such as Ethereum (ETH) futures. Grayscale, like other crypto investment gateways, provides a variety of conventional crypto investment vehicles. However, many of these are not available to retails clients.

"I would expect this to move at a good pace but take years to really unfold," Stromberg added in answer to a question about cryptocurrency from the Baltimore Business Journal.

Stromberg's crypto remarks came after the CEO addressed the general financial outlook of Yankee markets, which he sees as having a bright future. "We are very bullish on the economy and the growth of the economy as it reopens," he told the Baltimore Business Journal.

While crypto isn't theoretically absolute to any region or government, its price behaviour can arguably be stricken by certain events, evidenced by the value crash Bitcoin experienced in March 2020 because of COVID-19 concerns. However, there's some debate on the subject.

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