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Robinhood Exchange Introduces Candlestick Charts and Discovery Tool

Robinhood have outlined updates to their exchange in a blog post to improve users’ experience. The improvements are to be implemented on both the conventional exchange and Robinhood Crypto. Currently their services for cryptocurrency trading are only available through an early-access application.

Robinhood is now bringing candlestick charts to the stocks, implementing options and cryptocurrency pages on mobile. A candlestick is more comprehensive than a line chart as it provides the open, high, low and close price. Traders gain a greater insight into the market which allows them to make informed decisions to buy and sell cryptocurrency.

Other features include those available on a web browser but not the mobile. Analyst ratings are coming which will show buy, hold and sell ratings from Wall Street analysts with commentary. This will provide traders with a key insight into the market sentiment for buying crypto.

Trading data will be analysed stating investments made by other users. A user buying Bitcoin will gain suggestions of other cryptocurrencies that those investors have purchased. Competitors and supplier investment data will be included in the tracking allowing users to monitor the activity of others through the platform.

Robinhood have developed their platform to create a more comprehensive experience for its users and to provide them with the data needed to buy and sell Bitcoin. These changes suggest Robinhood is attempting to enter the market for institutional investors and the everyday investor.

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