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RichQUACK Announces the Earthling Token and Commits to Zero Carbon Emissions

  • Individuals, families, and companies may restore nature with the help of Earthling
  • Earthling aspires to be the most popular platform for environmental education

RichQUACK, a hyper-deflationary crypto network, has launched the Earthling coin. The token will be used to fund Earthling, RichQUACK's first incubated initiative, in more depth. In addition, the network wants to assist farmers with reforestation, which will have a favourable influence on the environment.

“We are enthusiastic about doing our share to avoid climate change and cut carbon emissions”, one of the RichQUACK community members noted. “We believe that Earthlings will assist to bring cryptocurrency trading enthusiasts from all around the world together to combat climate change and global warming. Anyone who wants to make a difference is welcome to join us, and we encourage individuals and organisations to do so with the great revival, which is fueled by accountability and a sense of belonging.”

Earthling uses technology to assist people, families, and companies repair nature by acquiring carbon credits that help reduce carbon emissions. To be more explicit, widespread use of carbon credits will go a long way toward achieving a carbon-neutral future. Token holders may also earn carbon credits by staking their tokens.

People who invest in this crypto market and token holders will become members of the Earthling DAO and will have a say in possible initiatives to support and fund reforestation efforts and non-profits.

The Katingan Mentaga project is an excellent example of a forest initiative that has already produced enough carbon credits to take 2 million automobiles off the road each year. The Earthling token will also be used to assist the project's overall finances. It will also make it easy to track daily carbon emissions and offset them by purchasing carbon credits through the site.

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