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Retail Consumers will push Bitcoin Mainstream – Not Corporate Investors

Cryptocurrency Expert- Tyler

In 2020, there was new and fresh excitement for Cryptocurrencies, in particular with more people buying Bitcoin (BTC). Bitcoin has set new records with a market value of over $600 billion at the time of writing, increasing its coverage in the media and capturing attention worldwide. For many Crypto investors, this year has been particularly exciting.

Bitcoin was not a regular digital asset that was proposed as a hedge against inflation. The idea behind Bitcoin came from failing centralised financial institutions with a potential solution that would be useful in daily life. With many third-party investors and the giants of finance looking into Bitcoin investments, Bitcoin’s popularization as an asset has become explosive. Below are some examples that could challenge fiat currencies and accelerate Bitcoin into the mainstream.

Crypto investing has continued to increasingly rise, with more companies now open to accepting Bitcoin and other Crypto as payment for goods and/or services. Microsoft was one of the first companies to accept Bitcoin as a payment method for digital products back in 2014. Last year, PayPal also announced that it will be enabling Cryptocurrency as a payment source in 2021. With more merchants looking into accepting Crypto, we can expect that soon enough everyone will be using and investing in Cryptocurrency.

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