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Reasons Japan is So into Cryptocurrency

By Jamie Green – Crypto Expert

Japan is one of the largest economies in the world and far ahead of the mainland for digital currencies in their continent. Unlike many other countries in Asia, like China and India which are wildly distrustful and approach the technology with caution, Japan's perception is an encouraging change, as reported on Asia Crypto Today.

Japan expects crypto development to continue, as various countries take heed and enforce regulatory guidelines. In September 2017, when South Korea and China banned ICOs, Japan allowed blockchain ventures to bring assets to their country.

The Japanese relationship with crypto is growing, with its Bitcoin General Stores and Miju, the super bank, promoting its J-Coin. People in Japan have good reasons to buy Bitcoin now as cryptocurrencies have become coherent with their infrastructure also resulting in more Bitcoin for sale. 

China and Japan are two behemoths in the region, though they have respectfully different views. China, with WeChat Pay and Alipay, is just about a cashless society, though Japan has settled on money again and charge cards have never really been used. Perhaps, switching from cryptographic money to money is a simple takeoff.

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