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Pro Gamers Receive Salaries In XRP

By Kenny - Cryptocurrency Investor

More people are heading down the route of investing in crypto-assets, as now many Japanese pro gamers agree to be paid with Ripple’s XRP.

New pro gamers are being recruited to the SBI eSports roster by Ripple and partner Japanese security giant SBI with many of them earning XRP for payment. Now, four newest members of an Apex Legends team have signed a deal to be compensated for their plays in XRP as opposed to the Japanese Yen.

Why XRP? Investors may use or buy XRP for its low transaction costs, approximately of $0.00001, for use as an alternative and a much more affordable transfer of value. The asset can also be used for investments like buying Bitcoin. The more people who use, buy and sell XRP, the better it is for the price and brand in establishing XRP transactions as quick and affordable.

SBI eSports had launched early in 2020, with plans to increase interest in crypto-assets and trading XRP to a younger audience. While aiming to pay recruits when possible with crypto, one of the four newest members has said to be a “long term crypto owner” and is happy to be paid as such.

Even high-profile Pro-gamers like Kengo “Ken” Suzuki, who is ranked highly as one of the best Japanese sonic players, is now also receiving his salary entirely in XRP after signing a contract with SBI eSports.

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