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Price To Buy Crypto Token Filecoin Is Massively Increasing in Value

By Harry B- Crypto Speculator - 06-09-2021

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Cryptocurrency trading has become a popular trend with many people interested in investing their money. While cryptocurrency has the downside of it being volatile, at the same time, many people flock to it because prices can drastically change at any point. More recently, we have seen a spike in the cost to buy cryptocurrency across the market.

One crypto coin, in particular, is leading the sudden incline with a whopping 24% rise. Filecoin (FIL), a digital payment system and public cryptocurrency, is in the front lines for what could be the beginning of a bull run. Filecoin has made a remarkable recovery in price today as the coin rebounds a high 24% in 24 hours.

The cryptocurrency has seen the price rise from $93 to over $119 and is currently trading at $116.63 with a volume of $4,233,521,288. Analysts have compared the sudden growth to the more minor risings in other crypto coins. Even the price to buy Bitcoin (BTC) has increased but surprisingly nowhere near compared to Filecoin.

Cryptocurrency analysts have pointed out that the crypto asset has begun rising on Tuesday, taking the price from $77 to $89 by the end of the week. Since then, Filecoin had increased to $95 then past $117, leaving many investors speculating whether the coin's value will continue to reach the long-awaited $150 mark.

Before the crypto crackdown in China, which caused a significant crash in the cryptocurrency market, Filecoin reached its all-time high of $191 in March 2021.

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