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Price Increases To Buy Crypto Football Token When Messi Leaves FC Barcelona

By Mark L – Crypto Broker - 10-08-2021

Over the years, we've witnessed the world of sports collaborate with the cryptocurrency trading industry, from professional players creating their own NFTs to events partnering with significant crypto companies. In early April, Oleksandra Oliynykova, a Croatian professional tennis player, sold her right arm in an NFT for companies to advertise. In June, cryptocurrency exchange platform Crypto.com partnered with UFC, which reportedly is the largest sponsorship deal in UFC history.

In more recent news for the crypto and sports world, we see a surge in price for a particular football fan token. The price increase for the Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) fan token comes after the departure of Lionel Messi as he leaves the Barcelona team. Despite the world witnessing the tears from Messi as he announced his leave from the famous football club, Investors of the PSG token find themselves with a stroke of luck.

The price increase is highly likely due to Lionel Messi joining the Paris Saint-Germain football, and many excited fans had been purchasing the PSG token in celebration. Another shocking revelation is that the famous football player had been paid in PSG tokens. Every week, Lionel Messi takes home 729,000 Euros in PSG, which equates to 8,680 Euros per hour.

Blockchain campus Chiliz partnered with Paris Saint-Germain football club to produce fan token PSG to get fans involved in decisions surrounding the club. With the token, fans can choose the message on the captain’s armband, what design goes on the club's bus, and they can decide on the curtain in the player's tunnel at the club's stadium.

The recent news of Messi moving to Paris Saint-Germain and being paid in the club's token allowed the PSG fan cryptocurrency to skyrocket. The increase in price means that the token has hit a new three-month all-time high. From rumours alone, PSG rose in value by 40% after some speculation that Messi was joining the football club.

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