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Price For Buying SushiSwap Token Sees 10% Increase With Avalanche Collaboration

By Tyler - Crypto Broker - 13-12-2021

Ethereum (ETH) based software, SushiSwap (SUSHI), has seen a 10% increase after Avalanche developer suggests a small collaboration. Earlier today, the price to buy SUSHI crypto tokens had risen by 10%. Rising from $5.30 to $6.19 at the time of writing. Daniele Sestagalli, Avalanche (AVAX) layer 1 blockchain developer, had suggested partnering with SushiSwap to create a blog post talking about the platform’s governance. Within the proposal written by the developer, Sestagalli stated that SushiSwap has continued to grow and expand but needs autonomy to refine its governance system. With the additional resources and support, this would provide help to improve SushiSwap’s internal issues. Sestagalli has plenty of experience as the developer is behind significant projects such as Abracadabra and Wonderland.

SushiSwap is an open-sourced protocol that depends on its community and new proposals to expand its network. In more detail, anyone that is a member of the SushiSwap community can create a new proposal for the forums. After a proposal is made on the native governance forum, members are the ones responsible for putting those plans in motion or leaving them. Within Sestagalli’s proposal, they have stated that the native crypto market investment, SUSHI, should be used within the major projects that the developer is part of. He also stated that xSushi should no longer be used as an incentive for anyone staking SUSHI tokens. While Sestagalli’s proposal received very mixed reviews and opinions, the price to buy SushiSwap tokens had still seen an increase due to the developers' support.

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