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Polygon Studios Partners with Altered State Machine For Future Projects

By Max S - Cryptocurrency Speculator - 03-10-2021

The Polygon (MATIC) network's gaming and non-fungible token (NFT) arm of the Polygon network, Polygon Studios, has made a new major announcement. In recent news, Polygon Studios has hit the media with its new partnership announcement with Altered State Machine (ASM).

Polygon is a blockchain layer 2 solution that connects Ethereum (ETH) compatible networks and helps the Ether network solve its scalability problems. Polygon has a native cryptocurrency with the crypto coin ticker MATIC; the crypto asset is used to help drive development across the Polygon ecosystem. Users can also invest in Polygon MATIC by providing computational resources for Polygon.

During the announcement, Polygon Studios has stated that they are looking forward to the new collaboration and are excited to bring ASM to its platform. There is much speculation that the two companies working together could push Polygon Studios for mainstream usage. According to the team at Polygon Studios, joining forces with ASM would lead to new opportunities for the company. Further, the team mentioned that they hope this partnership will eventually improve some of the platform's larger services.

Simultaneously, Polygon Studios announced further expansion plans within the company. At the same time as the collaboration with ASM was revealed, Polygon Studios made public that they intend to extend its Web3 games and metaverses within the Polygon blockchain network. The firm further stated that the partnership would become a valuable asset for the forthcoming event with the extensions in progress. 

ASM is an AI training platform, it's designed to create and train anyone who desires to trade and become a licensed AI owner. Owning an AI license grants users the ability to construct a virtual AI and connect it with NFT technologies and art within the metaverse.

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