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Polygen Raises Over $2M In Funding Round For A Fully Decentralised Initiative

By Tayler - Bitcoin Broker - 02-11-2021

Recently, as promised, Polygen is releasing the first-ever fully decentralised launchpad that doesn't require gatekeepers. The launchpad project has raised a total of $2.3 million in Polygen's latest funding round. Polygen has built a solid reputation of being the go-to platform for anyone that wishes to start a project. According to Polygen, the launchpad is permissionless and free of charge and usage fees. Compared to other launchpads in the industry, Polygen has become the answer to every developer's prayer in a launchpad system. Reportedly, the latest funding round had seen many high-profile investors. Some notable mentions include SL2 Capital, Twin Apex Capital, Polygon Syndicate, 18 Ventures, Axiom, Pluto, and ZBS Capital. Many other investors participated in the funding round such as NetZero Capital, Woodstock Capital Fund LLP, and Lumos Labs, all of which had their interests piqued when coming across Polygen's launchpad technology.

Launchpads are designed for developers that want to create new crypto market investments or crypto projects. From there, developers crowdfund using Initial DEX Offerings (IDOs), a crypto token that runs on a decentralised exchange. On Polygen, developers can create and launch new projects to sell crypto or build other types of initiatives for free without gatekeepers, whales, and whitelists. Furthermore, all projects have flexibility to be able to customise their own IDO when they are ready to launch. According to Polygen, the drive for innovation is fueled by creating a launching platform where all gatekeepers are removed. Polygen also provides developers with extra openness, post-launch support, and automated services.

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