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Polkastarter Launches NFT Blockchain Play-To-Earn Game

By Ollie H - Cryptocurrency expert - 02-10-2021


Blockchain games are massively growing in popularity in recent years, with Axie Infinity, Splinterlands, and other play-to-earn games leading the industry. Blockchain-based games are an excellent way for anyone to invest in cryptocurrency and even encourage investors to dive into the world of NFTs and buy crypto game art collections. 

Polkastarter is a decentralised blockchain platform that provides a launchpad for investors to access pools and auctions. Recently, the launchpad has announced its first completely incubated initiative, WonderHero. As already stated, WonderHero is a fully incubated project by Polkastarter Labs, meaning Polkastarter considers this initiative to have potential. Keeping the project within incubation will be continuously given support and mentoring even after the IDO.

WonderHero is a mobile RPG game that allows players to play-to-earn in-game tokens as they collect "Heroes" in the digital fantasy world. Players can collect NFTs, but they can also sell crypto game-play art collections on the NFT marketplace. The RPG is also a combat game where players build a collection of heroes that they can use in battle; each hero consists of unique skill sets and titles, such as Tank, Support, Combination, and Attack. According to CryptoTotem, WonderHero was inspired by the well-known RPG, Final Fantasy in regard to critical effects and abilities.

In similar news, the Polkastarter launchpad has also recently announced its collaboration with Morningstar Ventures with plans to create and launch 70 businesses. Some projects will include Wilder World, Thetan Arean, EPNS, and Ethernity Chain. Reportedly, the investment firm has stated that they plan to release the most initiatives with high potential within the crypto industry.

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