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PlasmaChain Ecosystem to Expand Through Tron and EOS integration

By Jamie Green – Crypto Broker

The Loom Network has announced plans to integrate their leading project, PlasmaChain with the Tron and EOS networks. This integration will allow developers of Decentralised Applications (Dapps) to accept transactions using the native token of the other blockchains. A user could buy Ethereum to be transacted on either the Ethereum or EOS network

Loom has always believed in the Ethereum network but cannot ignore the substantial growth of both the EOS and Tron ecosystems. The number of Dapp developers and users on these have been attracting some projects which seek alternative platforms for development and launch. The traded volumes on these networks has also increased dramatically as more Dapps are released, suggesting there is more interest to buy Tron and EOS. The PlasmaChain integration means that a project can focus development on one network whilst reaching the users of others.

The collaboration will allow an investor to buy EOS for use within a Dapp on the Ethereum network providing greater interoperability. PlasmaChain initially started as a shared Ethereum Delegated Proof-of-Stake (DPoS) sidechain using both real-time voting and a system of reputation to achieve consensus. This reputation will build over time as more transactions are confirmed by the node and reach a consensus with the network.

PlasmaChain will provide developers with greater customer reach without having to update or make accommodations for the other chains which will help to save time and money. The solution could potentially be used in the future to allow a user to buy Cardano for use within a native EOS Dapp.

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