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Pirate chain coin now available for Trading on Bitcoin.com

By Mark Lemon – Cryptocurrency Dealer

The Bitcoin.com exchange has added support for Pirate Chains coin (ARRR), the security-focused cryptographic token protected by ZK-Snorks innovation, as reported by the news section of Bitcoin.com. The developer of the chain delayed proof-of-work of the network and said they expect to create a highly secure and anonymous digital currency. The ARRR id is verified by the hashrates of Bitcoin and Komodo.

Captain of the private chain, Draeth, commented on the Bitcoin.com exchange posting: “it is difficult to find a large exchange that is willing to list privacy coins”. This is mainly due to the increased regulations and scrutiny regarding buying crypto classified as a privacy coin. Organization or partnership is also usually required which goes against the ethos of Pirate Chain and the decentralisation of the technology.

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