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Persistence Network Announces New Mainnet Launch

Ollie H - Cryptocurrency Investor - 29-03-2021

The Decentralised Finance (DeFi) platform, Persistence, has finally released a statement that they are officially launching its mainnet this month. According to Persistence, the mainnet will be released to the public tomorrow, March 30th. Persistence is a DeFi platform that enables exposure to asset classes; these asset classes include NFTs and liquidity staking. Its latest launch will signify a new incredible milestone for the company with hopes to continue building toward revolutionary financial technology.

Reportedly, the platform's "genesis" transactions will be sent and published tomorrow by Persistence's validators, and when the quorum is made available, genesis will be able to begin immediately. According to the platform, when the mainnet goes up, it will be going live with about 16 genesis validators, or 21 when counting the added 5 Foundation nodes.

When it came to choosing validators to be integrated into the Persistence mainnet, the company has reportedly spent a lot of time carefully selecting its validators. According to Persistence, it chose its validators by considering their reputation, infrastructure, and experience, as well as strategic selection.

Persistence has a native cryptocurrency, XPRT. The token is typically used for governance and voting on the latest updates for the company. Enthusiasts can buy XPRT at popular crypto exchange platforms; Persistence also has a native crypto wallet for XPRT where you can send all of your Persistence tokens. In other news, on March 26th, Persistence announced on Twitter a new XPRT giveaway. The company has launched its token on Ascend Ex Global where users can buy Persistence XPRT and wanted to celebrate by giving away $500 worth of its native coin.

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