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Paxos Will No Longer Produce BUSD Stablecoins for Binance

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Paxos Trust Company, a leader in the blockchain infrastructure space, has announced that it will halt the issuance of new Binance USD (BUSD) stablecoins in light of an ongoing investigation by New York regulators. Starting on February 21st, Paxos will no longer mint new BUSD tokens in accordance with the directives of the New York Department of Financial Services (NYDFS). Despite this change, Paxos has reassured its customers that all existing BUSD tokens will remain fully backed and redeemable through the Paxos Trust Company until at least February 2024.

Customers will also have the option to redeem their funds in U.S. dollars or convert their BUSD tokens to another Paxos-issued stablecoin, the Pax Dollar (USDP). Paxos emphasized that this move will not affect its ability to serve new or existing customers, nor will it impact its continued growth and business objectives. The company remains dedicated to becoming a global leader in blockchain tokenization infrastructure and continues to be committed to its mission.

In a statement, Paxos explained that the decision to halt the issuance of new BUSD tokens is in line with its commitment to maintaining the highest level of regulatory compliance. The company looks forward to continuing its work in the blockchain space, providing innovative solutions and delivering value to its customers.

In conclusion, Paxos Trust Company's decision to halt the issuance of new Binance USD (BUSD) stablecoins highlights the importance of regulatory compliance in the blockchain industry. The ongoing investigation by New York regulators underscores the need for companies to adhere to regulations and maintain the highest level of transparency and accountability. As the blockchain space continues to evolve, regulations will play an increasingly important role in ensuring the stability and security of the industry.

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